Nordic Wasabi Serving Instructions

To bring out the inherent bouquet and sweetness, fresh wasabi needs to be ground into a creamy paste.

• Begin by rinsing the stem under cold running water.

• Then trim the leafstalks from the top. The outside layer should be trimmed with a sharp knife as far up as the stem is to be used. This is not essential but makes a cleaner paste.

• Gently push the stem down on the grater and grate in a circular motion to make the wasabi paste. Do not apply force.

• Use the bamboo brush to remove the wasabi from the grater.

• Gather the paste into a ball and let rest for a few minutes before serving. The intense heat will begin to diminish after 15-20 minutes.

• Your Nordic Wasabi comes wrapped in a damp cloth inside a sealed bag. Store the stem in a refrigerator in its original packaging and it can maintain optimal quality for up to a month