Sushi dish

Fresh Nordic Wasabi the traditional way, with sushi, more with oily fish and less with leaner fish. Make the sushi experience unique by grating fresh wasabi in front of your guests.

Rib eye steak

Try fresh Nordic Wasabi with a rib eye steak instead of a creamy butter sauce. The fresh wasabi brings out the flavour of the tender meat and provides a healthier and more exotic alternative.

European plaice

Chargrilled European plaice with a butter sauce infused with fresh wasabi is a sure way to get the attention of any food connoisseur.

Nordic Wasabi sour

Innovate with Nordic Wasabi in this exclusive Nordic Wasabi sour cocktail


6cl gin

3cl lemon juice

2 cl syrup

1 eggwhite

5g Nordic Wasabi


Nordic Wasabi mule

A fresh twist on the famous Moscow Mule cocktail. Spice things up by adding freshly grated Nordic Wasabi


4,5cl vodka

2,5cl lemon juice

2,5cl syrup

Fill up with ginger beer

5g Nordic Wasabi