Large sharkskin wasabi grater

Large sharkskin wasabi grater

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Large grater intended for heavy users such as restaurants. The grater is handcrafted in Japan with the old method of grater making.

Grater : 111 x 123mm (237mm with handle)

The grater is a high- quality sharkskin grater, a traditional tool created in the Japanese Edo era. It is made with sharkskin and materials that were customarily reserved for the decoration of noblemen's armours and swords in Japan. The sharkskin grater is a time- honoured culinary tool. It can also be used for grating ginger, garlic and similar produce. Rinse and dry between uses.

The unique taste of fresh wasabi
Sushi dish

Fresh Nordic Wasabi the traditional way, with sushi, more with oily fish and less with leaner fish. Make the sushi experience unique by grating fresh wasabi in front of your guests.

Rib eye steak

Try fresh Nordic Wasabi with a rib eye steak instead of a creamy butter sauce. The fresh wasabi brings out the flavour of the tender meat and provides a healthier and more exotic alternative.

European plaice

Chargrilled European plaice with a butter sauce infused with fresh wasabi is a sure way to get the attention of any food connoisseur.

Innovate with Nordic Wasabi
Nordic Wasabi mule

A fresh twist on the famous Moscow Mule cocktail. Spice things up by adding freshly grated Nordic Wasabi


4,5cl vodka

2,5cl lemon juice

2,5cl syrup

Fill up with ginger beer

5g Nordic Wasabi


Nordic Wasabi sour

Innovate with Nordic Wasabi in this exclusive Nordic Wasabi sour cocktail


6cl gin

3cl lemon juice

2 cl syrup

1 eggwhite

5g Nordic Wasabi


Why choose Nordic Wasabi?
Fresh wasabi, pure from the plant

Nordic Wasabi is a fresh vegetable, and comes straight from the wasabi plant. Whereas about 95% of all wasabi used around the world is a combination of mustard, horseradish, and food coloring. It has a fruity, vegetal fragrance and a spiciness that enhances flavor. The taste of fresh wasabi does not hit with the same intensity as western wasabi does, rather it’s bouquet and sweetness stimulate the palate with a balanced heat that is experienced more in the sinuses than on the tongue. You haven’t tasted wasabi until you’ve had it fresh.

Wasabi with Good Conscience

In an increasingly polluted world, it is good to know that fresh wasabi is being grown in the pure Icelandic environment using renewable hydroelectricity and a replenishing supply of drinking water that has been naturally purified through layers of volcanic rock (according to the World Bank, Iceland holds the top spot for renewable internal water resource per capita).

We emphasize purity, freshness, and simplicity — and have labored over every step of the growing process to ensure that standards of sustainability are met.